Your every need is a new challenge for us to face and win.

Founded in 1992, Fiema SA is a family-run company specializing in the packaging of wiring and the assembly of all kinds of equipment. Our structure is organized according to an internal protocol, which provides the same level of reliability as the various international certifications, guaranteeing in turn greater flexibility. We work in the local, national and international market, strengthened by our experience, and determined to always offer flexibility, speed and quality of the finished product.

As proof of this, in 2010 Fiema obtained UL / CSA certification and today is celebrating its first 30 years, embracing new challenges and safely facing the evolution of the market.

These are the fundamental phases in the history of our company:

  • 1992 Foundation of Fiema SA (20 Employees - 500 m² production area)
  • 1998 Transfer to the Losone Headquarters (35 Employees - Production area of ​​1100 m²)
  • 2003 Purchase of the first automated machining center
  • 2006 Purchase of a Kardex vertical rotating warehouse
  • 2010 Achievement of UL-CSA certification
  • 2011 Transfer to the new Riazzino headquarters (70 Employees - 3000 m² production area)
  • Purchase of the second fully automated machining center
  • 2012 Purchase of a new business management program
  • 2014 ISO 9001 - DQS certification
  • 2016 Implementation of co-molding technology
  • 2016 Purchase of a cutting-stripping machine for cables up to 240 sq. Mm
  • 2022 Purchase of a cutting-stripping machine for cables up to 35 sq. Mm